Upgrade Your Game Graphics with Post Processing

In my last article, I covered how to install and setup the Post-Processing Volume in Unity. Now it’s time to apply some effects to my game!

Select the Post-Processing game object in the hierarchy view, and then press the Add Effect button in the inspector.

The first effect I will be adding is a powerful one called Bloom. It boosts the emission data from the sprite, which gives light colors like white and yellow a nice soft glow. In the first clip, I drag the intensity up and down, which will strengthen and then weaken the bloom effect.

The clip below takes a few seconds to get going, but you can see the white glow that occurs as I crank up the bloom intensity.

This is the amount of Bloom glow that I settled on as desirable for my game.

The next effect I add is a classic Vignette, which I think is appropriate considering the underwater ocean environment. In the Vignette controller, there is a useful collection of options, but I am only after the color and intensity right now.

You can see the Vignette contracting and dilating with the intensity setting.

I settled on a subtle Vignette with a dark blue over the default black.

For now, that’s all I really want to add to my game. I’ll leave off with a clip of how the game looks with the Post-Processing effects. Thanks for reading!

I am an artist and musician, that is currently diving headfirst into game development with C# and Unity3D.