Level Design in Unity 3D Part 3: Columns & Archways

Columns are perfect way to enhance the scale of your game scene. Think of ancient pillars that began at the foundation and reached towards the heavens. Adding columns to your game scene can really make it appear large, as if the virtual structure really needs the additional support.

Here I am using some pristine column assets from Filebase, courtesy of GameDevHQ. There are three assets that compile this column; the base, the middle section, which is one object duplicated, mirrored and stacked upon itself, and the top. Once the column is assembled, I save drag it into the prefabs folder.

The column is duplicated and placed around the large room. Using an overhead view and the Pivot option for rotating is a fast way to get these columns into their final positions and rotations.

Here is the final layout of the columns from a top-down perspective.

Here is another shot of the big room from the player’s perspective.

I am going to use the column prefab to create a new archway, so I unpack the prefab in the hierarchy to regain editing capabilities.

The base, middle and top remain, but the duplicated middle piece has been removed. Two archways columns are placed at the transition from the hallway to the big room.

A smaller version of the middle section, as well as the top of the column, are scaled down and positioned to get the top of the archway. A floor tile with the circular design is added to the center of the archway to bring it all together.

Here is the archway again from a lower perspective.

The entire archway is duplicated and positioned at the entrance on the other side of the hallway.

That’s all for adding columns and archways to this game scene! In my next article I will tackle creating the roof and some additional details.