Idle, Running, Aiming and Death States in Unity

Jared Amlin
3 min readJun 7, 2022

If you are looking for a general overview of how to add different camera states to animations, Unity and Cinemachine have you covered!

Begin by adding a State Driven camera to your scene.

I add a few more cameras bringing my total for this example to four.

Here is the idle camera.

This running camera has a good amount of perlin noise camera shake.

The aiming camera is a standard 3rd person camera, looking over the right shoulder of the Player.

The on death camera is an orbital camera with an overhead Look At and Follow of the player. I don’t have an on death animation setup here yet, but if you have one, you can trigger it with your Death state animation assignment.

Each camera has a corresponding animation.

Each animation state has it’s associated animation assigned. The idle state can move to either running or aiming, while the death state can be called from Any State. The Death State has a single transition from Any State, and the idle state has transitions to and from both Aiming and Running states.

Each transition has Parameters that need to be met in order to transition animations.

Jared Amlin

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