How to Dolly/Track a Camera in Unity

Jared Amlin
3 min readJun 2, 2022


Cinemachine virtual cameras come with an amazing assortment of options for your cinematic needs. Let’s take a look at creating and using Dolly tracks for your virtual cameras.

To get started, add a virtual camera to your scene and set the Body to the Tracked Dolly option. The warning tells you that the Tracked Dolly option needs a path to be assigned in the Path option. After creating a Cinemachine Path, assign it to this box. (Creating a path is covered below).

The tracked dolly should use a LookAt target, but does not use the Follow assignment. The Path assignment, which needs to be created, is what gets followed. There are typical Damping and Offset options concerning the cameras relation to the path. The camera will move between user predefined waypoints, on it’s voyage from the beginning of the path to the end. The Path Position assignment will reflect the desired Waypoint for your cameras position.

Creating a Path

Add an Empty GameObject to your scene to hold your Path.

Add a new Component of Type CinemachinePath. You can now drag this into the Path assignment on the virtual camera.

A new Path with 2 default Waypoints.

Add and edit Waypoints along the path for the camera to follow.

Each Waypoint has a Widget that changes it’s position, and another that is used like a curve adjustment tool, to edit the curve of the path between waypoints.



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