How to Build an Interactive Security Camera System

Jared Amlin
7 min readJun 10, 2022

Have you ever wanted to make a security camera system for your game? This article should get you started, and use some of the different camera systems that I have covered in recent articles.

Here is the Hierarchy and the assets I will be using for this article. The Sci-Fi Lab prefab is from a level design course I completed with GameDevHQ. The CCTV Security Camera assets are courtesy of Filebase asset library. The main Player B.O.B., was put together by outstanding 3D artist Zach Baldwin over at Crazy Carrot Studios. (Bob will be the protagonist in the forth coming release: Vector 21).

The security camera assets are static for this example, but they represent the position where the virtual cameras presenting their line of vision, will be placed.

The State Driven camera is the default camera, and this is the view from the idle animation position (there are also states for aiming, running and on death.)

The stationary security camera sits above the entrance and looks down the hall toward the larger central room. Each security camera also has an overlay using the cinemachine storyboard extension.

There is a FOV camera that the player controls. This camera can look left and right, within turning limitations.

The Panning camera is similar to the FOV, only this one is fully automated and operates outside control of the player.



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