The time has finally come to introduce a boss fight into my game. Before I can get into the fun coding aspect of things, I will need some boss art! My objective for this short article, is to make some art that I can use for my new boss enemy asset. I want some underwater gloom and doom, as well as something that can use a bright light source, so I decided to add the ever-creepy angler fish to the growing pool of enemies.

I have been making vector art for this game from the beginning, so no sense in stopping now! Rather than diving into large shapes like I have done with most of my other game assets, I jump right into the main line work using the pen tool. As always, I am using some photo-reference to work from. I am going to want to animate the lower jaw between open and closed, so I build that area as it’s own group.

After the line work has been established, I can choose basic colors and apply a solid fill to the different shapes. I also make groups and set my layers to keep this organized as I add more shapes and details.

The shapes for the body and jaw are duplicated and repositioned, using one shape to cut away from the other. This method is used for creating the main highlight and shadow shapes on the body with some small tweaking to a few of the nodes.

A two color fountain fill is added to the teeth, antennae and flippers. The shadow and highlight shapes have their solid fill changed to a fountain transparency fill. The artistic media tool is used to draw some surface skin wrinkles.

The main body shape is duplicated twice. Each of those new body duplicates has it’s outline removed, a texture added, and a transparency fill set to about 80%. The two texture layers sit grouped over the original body shape.

Lastly, a soft body highlight is made using an oval shape with a fountain transparency fill. The same approach is taken with smaller shapes for the body highlights and some shadows as well.

As much as I would love to take more time detailing and refining this first boss creature, I really do need to get this new asset up and running in my game. I hope to see you in my next article where I bring this new creature into Unity and get it setup. Thanks for reading!

I am an artist and musician, that is currently diving headfirst into game development with C# and Unity3D.