Creating an Office Den in Unity Part 4: Finished Photo Gallery

This article is a gallery of images collected from around the game scene, for my 3D games design certification project for GameDevHQ, using their own asset library, Filebase.

One cluttered desk drawer.

With valuable artifacts laying around the office, you can’t have too many firearms.

A messy desk is a used desk.

It’s time to get to work.

This ancient scroll might harbor the directions to unknown treasures.

The phone gives an old time feel.

The modern laptop let’s you know that this scene isn’t as old as anticipated.

Our protagonist ponders his day, soaking in the sunrise.

Maybe he will unwrap these accumulating packages.

Maybe he will enjoy his morning cup of coffee and soak up the scene.

The wardrobe contains warmer clothes should the weather drop to low temperatures.

Don’t underestimate the power of the depth of field post processing for the camera. This is the difference between ‘game scene’ and ‘cinematic cut scene’.

The lounge offers a nice retreat from the responsibilities of desk life.

There is no better place to eat a bowl of cereal and rehydrate with a tall glass of water.

You may also decide to read a book.

Feel free to invite a friend over for a game of chess.

Smoke the pipe, should the evening call for it.

Contemplate the day while the morning sun casts rays onto your comfortable environment.

Enjoy the breeze from the morning fan as the day’s humidity begins to intensify.

Maybe come potential clients will meander their way through the front door to inspect your rare wares.

If only I could finish the chess game I started…

The rifle and shotgun in the corner are for last resort circumstances.

The soft candle light illuminates a deceased predator.

Medieval weapons are on display.

Ancient stone tablets and scrolls also illuminate in the soft candle light.

Ancient artifacts galore.

More treasures from around the world present themselves.

I feel suddenly at peace in front of this display.

Early humans used these vessels for eating and drinking. Only the finest of food and beverages of course…

Tales of the seemingly distant past are presented in the form of early sculptures.

The guardian keeps the secrets.

“I wonder who may be stopping by the shop today?”

History’s gifts on display.

The dank room atmosphere contributed to a calm inner self.

Long lost dust whirls about the room with each turn of the fan blade.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through creating this musky interior!



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