I can see the Framework Phase II light at the end of the tunnel from here! I did another half day today still wanting to spend some of my Saturday with family, but I also keep itching to continue working on this game.

Next on the list was making a UI element for visualizing my thruster life. I found some useful material online and took the route of using a built in UI slider on the Canvas. The initial setup wasn’t too hard. I got a working script on my new Slider aka ThrustBar, and it was interacting nicely with my player script. I added script stating that when shift is pressed (my thrusters), the ThrustBar will deplete at a fast rate, and when shift is released, it will replenish. I was able to set a max and min value in the inspector, but I could tell that my values were passing the threshold on both ends. If I let my boost charge well past the visible 100% mark, it would take a lot of thrusting just to show a decrease on the ThrustBar. Same when I am out. I can deplete my thrusters far past zero, and when released, takes a long time to charge again. I needed to set a real min and max value being the one in my inspector wasn’t doing the job I hoped it would. I also need to access the minimum value to tell my thrusters to disengage when I am essentially out of gas. I found some resources online that pointed to using “slider.minValue” to access said value. I tried accessing that value in every and any place I could think of on my player and slider script, to no avail. I ended up beating that dead horse for a while that day. I have received some advice from my team leader that looks great on paper, so I am excited to try and implement that fix first thing Monday Morning.

Since my thrusters to UI interaction was half way working but I had been hitting a wall, I decided to move on to the final item on the phase I list. A new weapon type. Since we don’t have any predesigned assets for these new items, I once again took some creative liberty to make my own. That’s about as far as I got, but I can’t wait to get these new assets into the game and get them working as planned. I am hoping to finish up these Phase I items Monday, and if all goes well be on the difficult phase II.

I am an artist and musician, that is currently diving headfirst into game development with C# and Unity3D.