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Hosting your game on the web for the world to play is a very rewarding and exciting moment in game development. A popular format for web games is Web GL, because players on a variety of web browsers on different operating systems can all play. To create a Web GL build of a game, the place to start is in the File menu, and navigating to Build Settings. Select the Web GL option under Platform, and then click the Player Settings button on the bottom left.

One really rewarding part about game development, is getting to the point where you want to build a version of your game for testing on your own machine. Building your game in Unity is easy, thanks to all of Unity’s built in build options. To get started, head to the File dropdown menu and navigate to Build Settings to open the window.

There are a variety of ways to play sound FX in Unity. Some methods have positives and negatives, depending on how you are playing the sound effect, so I will explore a few different options in this article.

One of the first things I want to do, is to have a sound play whenever my player fires a projectile. First of all, I need a sound clip for my weapon.
My wife recently got this tiny stereo condenser microphone that plugs into our phones, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to give that a test drive. I…

When giving your game the option to use full-screen mode, it is important to give the player a way to exit the game without an X box to click and close the window. To get started, all I need to do is reference the Unity documentation about quitting an application.

Music and sound FX play a huge role in capturing an audience, weather in an advertisement, movie or a video game. The music can really set the mood for a scene, be it a funeral or a dance party. I personally love music, from the stage or crowd alike, so I am excited to get to this point in my game’s development.

In order to get going with game audio, I head to my hierarchy and make a new empty game object and call it Audio Manager.

In my last article, I covered how to install and setup the Post-Processing Volume in Unity. Now it’s time to apply some effects to my game!

Select the Post-Processing game object in the hierarchy view, and then press the Add Effect button in the inspector.

Using the Post Processing package in Unity is a powerful and fast way to change the appearance of your game. The visuals are applied as a filter to the main camera in the game scene, so none of the game assets or colors are changed at their core. It’s like running your game through an awesome photo filter, so let’s get started!

The first thing to do is take a trip to the Package Manager for some tasty visual FX goodies.

Animations can really make a game rich when it comes to player immersion. While I already have some User Interface icons to visualize my player lives, I don’t yet have any kind of animation to change the appearance of my player when it gets hit. My goal for today is to use sprite animation, as well as some other things, to show when the player takes damage.

This animation will be pretty fast and short lived, so I don’t need many frames. I only created two additional frames, as seen in the title image, to show some grumpy face animation…

Video Games have a rich history when it comes to displaying an assorted variety of on-death behaviors. If I were working with mechanical and potentially combustible game objects like cars or planes, I may want to create an explosion for when the enemy dies. I could do this by attaching an explosion animation to the enemy game object, and then using a trigger parameter in the animator to play the explosion animation when the enemy collides with the player or projectile. The enemy game object itself can also hold any explosion sound FX that may want to be played. One…

Loading a new game scene is an easy way to change between levels or other in game menus.

To get started, simply go to the file tab and select new scene. Be sure to save the current game scene if prompted. Right-click in the hierarchy and add a new UI Image game object.

Jared Amlin

I am an artist and musician, that is currently diving headfirst into game development with C# and Unity3D.

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